Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republic of Belarus 'Zodiac Signs' Silver Coin Series 925 Legal Tender Numismatics

A silver collector coin issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in the 'Zodiac Signs' series presenting the image of Pisces. A unique coin produced using the oxidation technology and characterized by oriental stylization. As all coins from this series, the coin has been decorated with colorful zircons.

In the central part images of the Sun and the Moon. Below the graphic symbol of Pisces and the name of the Zodiac sign in Latin and Russian. Around the Sun and the Moon 12 graphic symbols illustrating each of the Zodiac signs. Above the symbols the name of the series issuer – Республика Беларусь (Republic of Belarus), the emblem of Belarus, the mintage year, the assay of silver (Ag 925) and the coin face value (20 Roubles). 

In the central part of the coin the image of Pisces surrounded by a circular, geometric ornament, reserved only for this coin, which gives the impression of three-dimensionality.
There are two ruling planets for Pisces – Neptune, the planet of illusion and intuition and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and idealism. People born under this sign are creative, sensitive, gentle and understanding. 
In relationships they are delicate, devoted and protective, which makes them excellent partners. Their lives often become chaotic. They are prone to criticism and mood swings and tend to isolate themselves. When they are under a strong influence of Neptune, they escape into illusions and different types of addictions.
Mintage: up to 25 000 pcs
Issuer: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Quality: uncirculated
Decoration: zircons