Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beware the Fake Silver Panda Coins on Ebay

Ebay has long been famous for being the site to buy Fake Silver Pandas, these pandas vary in price and dates but can be spotted by a FREE postage and a price below spot silver or gold price.

Its impossible to say how many fake silver pandas have been sold to unknowing investors who mistakingly think they are the real deal.

See One example of these ebay sellers FAKE SILVER PANDAS

Seller has already sold 100 of these fakes at $20 US each (spot is around $33 currently), many of which will resurface and be sold as a real panda.

With ebays feedback system its possible for a seller to maintain a good feedback score as 95% wont know its fake or wont challange it. The other 5% will get as refund so negative feedback will be avoided.

Any attempt to inform ebay of such a seller of clearly fake items usually results in a generic ebay response and no action being taken.

You really need to know alot about Pandas and all chinese numismatic coins before trying to purchase them on ebay.