Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2013 Royal Canadian Mint Silver and Gold Lunar Snake $5 Legal Tender Coin

The design on the left (round) will come in a one ounce silver proof version with a maximum mintage of 28,888 coins (CAD$98.88), as well as a half ounce silver specimen version with a higher mintage of 88,888 coins (CAD$39.95).

The design on the right (lotus shaped coin) weighs 26.7g (.858oz ASW) with a diameter of 38mm. The maximum mintage is 28,888 coins (CAD$98.88).

A Gold design will also be available:

2013 Lunar Snake Designs from Royal Canadian Mint (Silver)

Two different 2013 Year of the Snake Gold Coins will be released. The pictured coin is the 1/10oz gold coin (specimen finish) which will have a maximum mintage of 18,888 coins (CAD$229.95) and a proof version featuring the same design will also available. The proof will be struck in 18 karat gold (75% gold / 25% silver) weighing 11.84g and will have a maximum mintage of 2,500 coins (CAD$688.88).

Orders will open to the general public from the 28th of August, with orders already currently open for Master's Club Members. The Royal Canadian Mint website: