Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Argali Mongolian Wildlife Silver Coin Series 2013

The Argali is the biggest wild sheep on earth. With the Argali, the prizewinning series Mongolian Wild Animals has found a worthy successor. 

The silver coin shows the Ovis ammon minted in a fantastic relief, adorned with two mocca SWAROVSKI  ELEMENTS. 

The giant mountain sheep (Ovis ammon) lives in the Central Asian mountain range as well as Mongolia. 

The animal, which is a member of the bovid family, can reach a shoulder height of 130 cm and a weight of over 200 kilograms. 

The ram’s head alone, with its huge horns, accounts for 10 percent of its total bodyweight. The Argali is a gregarious animal which feeds solely on plants.


Face value500 Togrog
MetalSilver .999
Weight1 oz
Size38.61 mm
QualityAntique finish